Joplin, MO
August 2015

My three day whirlwind business trip: Flew California to Minnesota to Kansas. Drove 3 hours to the Downstream Resort for the Tri State Sign Association. Traveled along a highway in Missouri, which lead to the parking lot in Kansas and the hotel was in Oklahoma. I was in five states all in one day! It was great to see 150 plus people at the cocktail reception the first night and then 350 plus people at the dinner banquet the following night. My golf team I ditched, placed third and they each won around $250 and they gave me a lot of grief about it. I really think it’s time for me to take lessons. Okay, in all realness, I forgot shoes, clothes and then there was the humidity which I wasn’t prepared to battle. I got many warm welcomes from existing and potential clients, especially those WSA members. I spoke with so many wonderful people and I can’t wait to partner with them. Of course it was great company, that is to see old friends and make new ones. Oh and this place makes the best truffle corn chowder. Overall, it was great meeting!

Tri state